Organised Rides

  • Post published:29th November 2020
  • Post category:News
Women riding bicycles

With the rolling out of new tiers, Social, Guided and Breeze rides can now resume, with appropriate adaptations.

Like the summer, rides will be limited to a maximum of 6 people, and if there are stops participants will be asked to wear masks to enter any cafe stop to order, as requested.

To find out about rides near you, you can find our local social and Breeze rides on the British Cycling Letsride website, and search by postcode and your preference of distance and difficulty.

If you can’t find any suitable, or they are full, you can still ride as much as you like solo or with members of your household, in-line with the latest government directives, and in fact we highly recommend that you use this time to get out on two wheels whenever you can.